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Indian worker thread

Recently, great twitter account @qin_duke tweeted about avoiding companies that have high levels of Indian management. I’d like to expand on this...

I’m sure most of my Twitter frens will know about this already, but the level of ignorance in normie communities about what happens when you hire Indians is shocking. People need to understand that we are dealing with a parasitic caste who will destroy companies from within.

The Indian Manager is similar to the cordyceps parasite that plants itself within insects until the whole insect is taken over by the fungus and it is no more than a fungi-driven zombie. Companies that hire large amounts of Indian managers await the same fate.

Normies need to understand more about the Indian caste system. They need to understand what hierarchies exist in India and what these upper-caste Indians are trying to replicate in western societies and businesses.

India is the most divided society on Earth, but for most naive Westerners these divisions are invisible and all these different castes and ethnicities are just seen as “Indian” by Western eyes. But for Indians, these divisions are highly important and WILL be replicated.

Caste, geographical heritage and clan group determines who can be hired into what role once an Indian manager is given even the slightest hint of power. It’s all about maintaining their own status over others.

Normies need to recognise this issue and deal with it, because despite all the nice buzzwords like “diversity”, the simple fact is that Indians do not create companies that non-Indians would ever wish to work for. The end-product isn’t “Eat, Pray, Love”. The end is a Curry Gulag.

For blacks, East Asians and anyone dark of skin: you won’t even get a foot in the door. Think whitey’s racism was bad? You’ll be howling for Jim Crow’s return after a few months working under a Brahmin who believes he is racially and culturally superior to everyone else on Earth.

For whites: you are a threat and a flight risk. Most Americans and Europeans locals don’t like the authoritarian and abusive management style of Indian managers and if they are seen as too competent they are quickly managed out.

Indians create dysfunctional hostile hierarchical work environments just as they create hostile social environments. If you’re not Indian you won’t and wouldn’t want to work for them. Due to this all the major Indian consulting companies employ mostly Indians overseas.

This is openly acknowledged legally. Indian firms often pay discrimination settlements to the US Department of Justice; it’s factored within their business models. However, these are only a few million $$$ so Indian firms can afford to pay out these fines indefinitely.

Obviously, Indian consultancies like Infosys or TATA are primarily Indian in their overseas offices. Yet many companies that were once Western by heritage have been taken over and are now truly Indian in reality except one or two figureheads. Just look at Cisco, Oracle and IBM.

Any firm that becomes Indian only goes in one direction: it becomes even more Indian. The corruption starts typically in upper-middle management and then spreads upwards and downwards throughout the company hierarchy.

Here’s how it starts: once an Indian is hired in a position of power, a constant stream of referrals & resumes from family or friends will flood in. They are persistent in their spamming and will try to create situations where their referrals are seen as the only/best choice.

It’s not uncommon in both startups and big firms with Indian managers to find their relatives working there (the second cousin, the brother-in-law, the wife, the son, etc). Not a problem if they’re qualified for the job but usually they’re not.

New manager roles will mysteriously be proposed to add to the company organisation chart. The step before complete Indian expansion is first a growth in useless mid-level management positions that can be filled by fellow Indians to create a block of influence.

The cadets attempting to fill levels of management will either be elite Brahmins who wish to maintain their high status, or second-tier Vaisyas who wish to create a mini Brahmin-free utopia around them where they can be top dog.

Left to spread, the company will quickly form this hierarchy:

1 - Brahmin Indians (or Vaisya Indians in their absence)

2 - Middle caste Indians

3 - Competent whites/East Asians who are needed

4 - Everyone else

The Brahmins at the top are typically all-smiles, charismatic on the surface and “peaceful vegetarians” but their true corruption is carried out by the middle caste middle managers who create toxic environments and endless drama that forces the whites and Chinese to leave.

A few competent whites and East Asians are usually treated well and kept around because they have essential skills that provide 80% of the company’s value enabling the Indian management to devote time to endless backstabbing, drama, workplace gossip and petty politics.

The ethnocentrism and caste-signalling of Indians works very well within naive Western companies. Our system is almost uniquely set up to be taken advantage of by people from a more clannish and hierarchical culture.

To go back to the start of this thread, it is important to know these signs when making decisions on who to work for, which companies to invest in, and which companies to select as your suppliers. Looking for early signs of Indianification can prevent big mistakes later.

Do not join companies which are in the process of becoming Indian: you will be used for as long as required and then forced out or encouraged to leave after you find the workplace unbearable.

Do not invest in or partner with companies that are in the process of becoming Indian: they are not centres of value as understood by Western business models but instead on the fast track to becoming vehicles that exist solely to maintain the status of a small Brahmin elite.

Anybody who works within the IT industry will know this already, and will be the first to state that the larger IT firms are already lost. However, every company has an IT department and this is the entry point into most companies for Indianification.

Forget SJWs in HR departments, the real threat to your future employment might be those smiling faces on your IT service desk.

End of thread.

PS - as an addendum I would like to state where this corruption really begins: it is corporate greed. The original western managers of companies focus solely on the bottom line and their eyes light up when the new Indian manager proposes hiring 800 Indian coders on the cheap.

That’s the real root cause. Any woke capitalism that comes afterwards about “creating opportunities” and “diversity” is merely whitewash to allow them to cut the bottom line. It’s only natural that Brahmins have learnt to take advantage of this.

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