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1/2 Is it really a cop movie, if any of these things don’t happen:

- Someone has to hand in their gun and badge
- A grumpy chief
- Cop loses their partner and unwillingly has to take on a rookie
- Paperwork, it’s the worst part of the job
- FBI takes a case over, and the hate it

Cop movies 2/2:

- they crack the case after being suspended and regain their gun and badge
- good cop bad cop routine
- alcoholic, damaged, experienced cop who lost their family
- Internal affairs are the worst
- they find out the bad guys at the top are cops

Did I miss any?

Remembered some more:
- Damn computer doesn't work
- Having to sweet talk someone, to get something out of the archives (or they owe them a favour)
- Cop nears retirement, but never actually retires

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