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This May, I hired 2 Virtual Assistants.
That alone was easily the biggest personal accomplishment that I’ve done that month! Bigger than shipping apps, jogging, blogging, etc…

Let me explain how I did it and what I learned: 👇

How does it work, in short?
- Hire someone from Phillipines
- Pay $2-5/hour
- They do what ever you ask them to do
- Pay to their PayPal weekly/bi-weekly

What sort of tasks I delegate?
- Hey, could you please find me top 10 crypto & blockchain events in KL in the upcoming 2 weeks?
- I need a haircut, could you please research top 5 barbershops in my area, and their prices. Just make an Google Spreadsheet plz

- Plz find 20 crypto companies in Berlin that are hiring, find their HR’s emails and link to career pages”
- Can you draft an article about how to use my new app “Email to pdf”
- Can you transcribe this audio/video interview I recorded & make an article out of it?
- etc

You might think:

🤔 Why would I pay someone if I can do it myself better and faster?

I used to think that way too. But that’s missing the point. Even tho IT IS TRUE, that you can do ton of personal things faster and better, these are all distractions from the 1 thing that you are absolutely best at and that’s making you the most $$$.

By hiring someone to do small things that are NOT your #1 thing, you are essentially reinvesting your $$$ into making more $$$ so that you can do that only 1 things that you are absolutely best at. 💥

Some fears that prevented me from doing this earlier:
- “Indie Hacker” Pride of doing everything solo
- Fear of not having enough work to delegate
- Fear that I wont afford it
- Fear that I’ll fail at hiring the right person and my hiring time would go to waste

To summarise:

#1 thing you can do as a creative/Maker person who's having at least some success is:

- DONT buy expensive watch, shoes, clothes, apartment and sh*t
- DO hire part-time help. Buy yourself more time to ONLY do what you are great at.

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