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Hi, Joe,

Trump's followers love it when he lies and fights—because they understand that the lies destroy.

To understand, I recommend: ”The Authentic Appeal of the Lying Demagogue: Proclaiming the Deeper Truth about Political Illegitimacy"

1/ Scholars Hahl, Kim, and Sivan explain that those who want to destroy the “political establishment” willingly embrace a liar because they understand that the lies destroy.

Why do Trump’s supporters want to destroy the “political establishment?”

2/ Because, according to the authors, they don’t think the political establishment governs on their behalf. They think the government favors “new groups” over them. This is what the authors call a crisis of legitimacy.

Trump supporters believe they are the “real” people.

3/ When a demagogue lies in a clear attempt to shatter the political establishment and represent THEM, they think he’s “authentic” and telling a certain kind of truth— even they know he is literally lying.

4/ This is what Sarah Sanders meant when she said the lies point out an important truth.

Example of a lie: “Obama was born in Africa.”

Trump Supporters think: “It might be literally false, but it is true because Obama is not one of the “real people.”

5/ So, Joe, tell me. Did you speak out against birtherism?

Did you say that Obama was secretly a Muslim?

Then you contributed to the problem. Own it.


Good idea, Ian

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