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Last week, new figures showed a jarring rise in homelessness around Los Angeles, and the response throughout Southern California was shock and indignation.

The reaction from the crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates: silence.  https://lat.ms/2R3kwzP 

As 2020 hopefuls traverse the country, they make big promises on issues like college debt relief, climate change and boosting the middle class. But they have largely ignored the issue of homelessness—even as the numbers of unsheltered Americans soar.  https://lat.ms/2QXZti4 

Those on the front lines of the epidemic say homelessness should not be seen as simply a local concern, but rather a federal one.  https://lat.ms/2R3kwzP 

In 2016 and 2017, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti led local campaigns that secured more than $1 billion in public funding to house homeless people.

But tangible results will take years, and critics question whether he’s treating the crisis with enough urgency.  https://lat.ms/2R0PxEI 

In L.A., it seems like an obvious fix as homelessness surges on city streets is more restrooms.

But the city has estimated that staffing and operating a mobile bathroom can cost more than $300,000 annually — a price tag that has galled some politicians.  https://lat.ms/2R3QiNh 

Even as presidential candidates pay greater attention to California, mindful of its early March 3 primary, none has seized on the crisis as a rallying cry.  https://lat.ms/2WNdt3S 

With the rise in homelessness in California—and around the country—how can presidential candidates adapt their stump speeches to address this growing issue?  https://lat.ms/2R3kwzP 

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