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Under scrutiny from journalists like @KimZetter, ES&S will stop selling paperless voting machines. But we must maintain the scrutiny because its barcoded machine-marked “paper ballot” systems use summary text that, per NASEM, is “virtually unusable for verifying voter intent”! 1/

Here’s a quote from the NASEM report: 2/

Here’s a link to the NASEM report:  3/

Here’s the article reporting that ES&S will now sell only “paper ballot” systems. What it doesn’t say is that the machine-marked barcoded “paper ballots” from these systems are, per NASEM, virtually unusable for verifying voter intent.” (See post 3.) 4/ 

Nor does it say that some of these systems are “hybrids” (ballot marking device/scanner in a single unit) that experts say can be hacked to add fake votes to machine-marked ballots after they are cast bc the route the paper ballots under the printer head AFTER they are cast. 5/

“New ‘hybrid’ voting system can change paper ballot after it's been cast.”

“Paper ballots are safe only if marked by hand, not by machine.”  6/

Here is Professor Andrew Appel explaining to the NY State Board of Elections why it should NOT certify ES&S’s ExpressVote XL barcode hybrid. voting system. (Several NY counties have already chosen it.)  7/

ES&S’s hybrids—like it’s non-hybrid) ballot marking devices—also count votes w/ barcodes, which voters can’t read & thus can’t verify. 

And as noted, the abbreviated format of the text under the barcodes is “virtually unusable 4 verifying voter intent.” 8/

ES&S got away with selling dangerous paperless voting machines for about 15 years. We cannot afford a repeat with its dangerous new barcode and hybrid voting systems.

Paper ballots are safe only if marked by hand, not by machine. #HandMarkedPaperBallots 9/

Pls also note that corrupt politicians like Bob Ney used voters w/ disabilities as a pretext for keeping voting machines paperless & thus unauditable. Ney eventually went to prison for accepting bribes from Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist for a vendor of paperless voting machines. 10/

I discuss the Ney/Abramoff scandal here: 11/ 

Voting machine vendors and their surrogates are at it again, using voters with disabilities as a pretext for selling dangerous barcode hybrid voting systems. 12/

13/ But voters w/ disabilities deserve to vote securely too. Systems that use barcodes to count votes or that run machine-marked “paper ballots” under the printer head after they are cast do not constitute reasonable accommodations bc they are not reasonably secure.

14/ The solution is not—as vendors and their surrogates suggest—to force all voters to use expensive and insecure barcode voting and/or hybrid systems.

15/ The solution is for jurisdictions to allow all voters to use #HandMarkedPaperBallots and to provide well maintained non-hybrid ballot marking devices—that do not count votes with barcodes or contain abbreviated text—for voters with disabilities who wish to use them.

16/ I discuss these and related points here: 

17/ Screenshot from the article in post 16:

18/ Again, we cannot afford to allow vendors & their surrogates to use voters w/ disabilities as a pretext for selling expensive & insecure barcode & hybrid voting systems. We already went down this dangerous path with paperless voting machines. #NeverAgain #ProtectOurVotes

19/ We must learn from our mistakes when dealing with vendors like ES&S, not repeat them. #NeverAgain #ProtectOurVotes

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