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Nathan Ivie became the first openly gay Republican to ever hold elected office in Utah after coming out over a video posted on Facebook last month.  https://lat.ms/2I716qX 

After attempting suicide at 22, Ivie went on to marry, have kids, breed horses for a living and get into politics, all while keeping his sexuality to himself. A horse was the first living thing he came out to. “They don’t judge you,” he says. 📸: @bvdbrug  https://lat.ms/2I716qX 

Utah County, home to Brigham Young University, is one of the most conservative places in one of the most conservative states. There are 157,090 active registered Republicans — almost nine times the number of active registered Democrats.  https://lat.ms/2I716qX 

Unsurprisingly, Ivie’s coming out has gotten some criticism in Utah. But he’s also received overwhelming support from all over the state and the country with letters and emails lauding his courage. Below, Ivie at a commission meeting. 📸: @bvdbrug  https://lat.ms/2I716qX 

Ivie says that supporting other people grappling with their sexuality is the main reason he spoke out. 📸: @bvdbrug  https://lat.ms/2I716qX 

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