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Companies that provide furnished apartments for short-term renters have drawn fire from housing advocates for reducing the stock of apartments marketed to tenants who want a home and turning them over to others willing to pay top dollar.  https://lat.ms/2MDRdFI 

Last week, a company called StayTony started providing furnished apartments for business travelers on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. Its website describes a “tastefully renovated” apartment complex with “laid back West Coast DNA.” 📸: @dania_maxwell  https://lat.ms/2MDRdFI 

In the building, a studio was previously advertised at $1,800. Once it was given a boutique-hotel flair, a traveling nurse rented it for $3,300 a month. 📸: @dania_maxwell  https://lat.ms/2MDRdFI 

A corporate housing industry group says demand for extended-stay, furnished apartments has been on the rise, a function of business expansion and the popularity of online short-term rental sites.  https://lat.ms/2MDRdFI 

But some tenant advocates contend that corporate-style housing should be banned in rent-controlled buildings because it creates additional incentive to force long-term tenants out and charge higher rent. 📸: @dania_maxwell

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