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A Texas border town feels stress of Trump tariff threat against Mexico.

@PhilMcCausland reports from Laredo.  https://nbcnews.to/2wNmH1g  (1/7)

The city's fortunes is forever tied to the US's kinship with or animus for its southern neighbor.

The closeness can sometimes make restrictive lines of the border feel blurry, but with the Trump admin.’s recent threats of a trade war, they have become increasingly stark. (2/7)

Until Friday night, it looked like President Trump would punish Mexico — and thus Laredo — with tariffs on all goods that come north across the border.

That threat was lifted, but residents know it could be reimposed at any time, damaging their business relationships. (3/7)

The Port of Laredo, where nearly 4.6 million trucks crossed the border in 2018, became the nation’s most successful port overall for the first time last month, surpassing the Port of Los Angeles, according to Census Bureau data released in May. (4/7)

The threat sowed discord in this city of 260,000, which is experiencing increased levels of financial success because of the US's trade relationship with Mexico.

But some worry that Mexico could eventually lose patience with the Trump administration’s trade tactics. (5/7)

“Without Mexico, this place and Laredo is a ghost town,” says Ruben Norton, who runs a sporting goods store with his father just blocks from a border checkpoint.

“With everything we’re doing, at what point do we jab them enough that Mexico just gives us the middle finger?” (6/7)

Such situations leave Laredo business owners feeling a lack of control.

“We can’t plan for it,” says John Valle, who runs a construction company. “If we hurt Mexico and the economy gets worse over there...We’ll have an even bigger problem in the US.” (7/7) #NBCNewsThreads

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