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Let’s see how long this Mexican approach holds up without causing political headaches for various factions in Mexico and its southern neighbors; groups in US, Mexico and northern triangle countries benefit monetarily from smuggling/exploiting migrants into US.

2. Because Mexico lacked an orderly asylum and immigration process approach at its southern border, migrant trafficking groups popped up over the last decade. With this new approach, Mexico has decided it’s time for a different strategy.

3. The US could help Mexico implement asylum and immigration processes at Mexico’s southern border while working on longer term solutions to improve conditions in northern triangle countries that make up the bulk of migrants crossing into US at the southern border.

4. The Obama administration too tried to get Mexico to act as a better migrant filter but that didn’t work; did Trump’s ultimatum - the threat of tariffs - change Mexico’s approach, or was this going to happen eventually and they simply needed another nudge?

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