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NC's Voting System 'Master Passwords' Found Online, Available to Download by Anyone: 'BradCast' 6/10/2019 | The BRAD BLOG

This is ⁦today’s @TheBradBlog’s⁩ interview w/ ⁦⁦@VickerySec⁩ who discovered the breach. 

wrote this about Vickery’s discovery: “as the instructions above make clear, one needs to physically insert a properly programmed ‘master PEB’ and ‘supervisor PEB’...into an iVotronic unit in order to access the administrative menus these passwords unlock.” 1/

Here’s the article where @AnalyticsEqv wrote this:  2/

I’m hoping that @TheBradBlog & @VickerySec can provide input as to this reported limitation on the ability to use these passwords for malicious mischief. Should we be reassured? 3/

Note that @VickerySec previously reported that NC’s iVotronic voting machines send vote tallies via modem from the precincts to the central tabulators. Might be used to impact this process in some way? 4/

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