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So the MaxFac "technology can deliver a border in Ireland" crew are trumpeting latest EU update on 'no deal' preps as 'proof' that tech can deliver an invisible border - it does no such thing 1/thread

I've done a thread on why this is the case here, but specifically on this update - there is nothing new here. /2

The document talks about a 'land bridge' for goods going from Ireland to EU via the UK (lots do) and the Commission did move under pressure form Member States on permits to make this more possible - but note this is via *UK*.

It says nothing on goods going other way./3

As is clear, there are no legal derogations for goods crossing NI border with Ireland to the EU. As the thread above makes clear, there will need to be checks sooner or later - which might be eased IF UK pulls SPS (Plant/Animal products) checks back to Larne/ports. /4

And recall also that goods going northwards (Ireland into Northern Ireland) will be going tariff-free/largely unchecked, which even HMRC recognises is not a sustainable situation...lots more on that here where I fisked HMRC talking points to industry /5

So to recap - no new measures, border inspection posts (BIPS), no legal derogations...

The only question is in timing.

My guess is the EU will give the Irish Govt *some* breathing space.

They may even put the heat on Dover-Calais to provide political cover for that /6

But those seeking Alternative Arrangements should take no comfort/confirmation from this update.

Shorter: nothing has changed.


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