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And most importantly do this across geographical boundaries. A friend residing in Atlanta sent her disabled grandfather in India a room airconditioner (via Amazon India) to cope with the recent heatwave - AC was delivered within hours + installed - unthinkable just 5 years ago.

2. For separate entities - from vendor to delivery person to installation person in India to receive quick compensation for their products and services requires incredible, seamless cross-border payments coordination, which was a challenge just a year ago.

3. And as word spread among her friends and peers that this is now (reliably) possible via Amazon, they too purchased AC units, basically 10Xing (and potentially saving lives of the elderly and the children during the 120-degree plus heatwave in India)!

4. So while individual citizens may feel powerless about governments’ actions (or inactions on climate change) with technology it is now possible to quickly change the climate (for the better) for friends and family across the world!

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