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What do you think of when you hear the word “witch”? Pointy black hats? The Salem witch trials? The free-spirited members of the pagan religion Wicca?  https://lat.ms/2IzIMpx 

Today’s working witches, whose prominence is growing thanks to social media, primarily see themselves as healers.  https://lat.ms/2IzIMpx 

They help clients who are struggling to cope with life’s hurdles — heartache, aging, misogyny, work stress — and who find that more culturally accepted remedies, such as therapy and meditation, aren’t enough.  https://lat.ms/2IzIMpx 

There’s no official list of job duties for witches, no state licensing board that notes educational or training requirements.

But interest in witchcraft is growing once again.  https://lat.ms/2IzIMpx 

With @DeborahNetburn, meet some of Los Angeles’ witches:  https://lat.ms/2IzIMpx 

And to go behind the story, read:  https://lat.ms/2KEyFSS 

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