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Should computing be the next “liberal arts”? We’re talking about this now with @isbellHFh of @GeorgiaTech. Here’s more on this subject. #EmTechNEXT 

There’s also this happening at MIT. (from October) 

"We’re in the middle of a very fast moving crisis. And it’s too late for us to respond to it effectively" - @isbellHFh #EmTechNEXT

“You need to embrace the reality that you have to make things scale,” says @isbellHFh, about offering his online class to thousands of students. #emtechnext

There are more computer science jobs than there are graduates, says @isbellHfh. The solution? Scale, scale, scale. #emtechnext

Computer science is a part of lifelong education, says @isbellHFh. In other words, CS is the new liberal arts. #emtechnext

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