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I'm still processing Ebury's reaction to this, but yes, it has brought me back to Twitter. I'll try to be brief: 

In their statement, they say Baños 'does not in our opinion express views in this publication, including in the parts omitted, that are antisemitic. Nor are there any legal concerns with this book or any known reputational issues with the author.' Let me go though those points.

In the Rothschild passages Ebury omitted from the English translation, he claims the family are the wealthiest in the world and suggests they are enormously powerful but secretive and unaccountable. This has been debunked, and it's *classic* antisemitism. And why was it omitted?

This isn't an idle notion - Baños claims in the book the Rothschilds are the world's wealthiest family, and so they 'they' in 'How They Rule The World' has them in its sights. Baños has repeated the claim in at least four interviews in the last couple of years.

He claims the Rothschilds are a force ruling the world in every single one of these, and does so to promote this book. He's an antisemitic conspiracy theorist. The Rothschilds!

I didn't mention legal concerns, though I did mention plagiarism - not worth considering, apparently. Loads of the book is just him pilfering basic information from the net, and a thorough look would reveal this. He's just a crank, and he falls for every kooky theory there is.

Then the claim that there aren't any known reputational issues with the author. Well, yes, there are. Here's El Pais: 

Here he is in 2016 interviewing Juan Antonio Aguilar:  Aguilar is a neo-Nazi, a key figure in Bases Autónomas in the 80s and still strongly connected to the far right.  I would call this a 'reputational issue'.

This is someone who appears on Putin's propaganda channels, repeatedly claims the Rothschilds are the secretive rulers of the world, and who gives platforms to neo-Nazis. To publish a book by him titled How They Rule The World is awful, I think. But people do makes mistakes.

Once this has been pointed out, though, to claim you did conduct due diligence and now you've looked again and it's all fine is worse. It's shameful. As for the claim the tentacles are all good, I'm not alone there either. Here's a tweet from last year:

'How They Rule The World', plus tentacles, plus Rothschilds secretly running things, plus removing that with no explanation, plus neo-Nazi pandering, plus plagiarism, plus an awful, shoddy book anyway... no, I am afraid I'm not impressed by the reaction at all. Nobody should be.

This has been picked up by the Spanish press:  The attack on me from sources close to Banos as a failed spy novelist are pathetic, especially considering I've been published by Penguin. I can't express how depressing it is that they're backing this book.

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