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Today is our second-to-last Yearling of the Day! He is one of our doppelgangers, the brothers who look almost identical except for the patterns of their white socks.

Slim has two perfect white paws.

When the pups were young, and we and @OtterRunKennel both had litters, we traded a single puppy from each litter. Slim went home with Chad, Erin, and Martha — and their Biggie came home with us.

Here is a photo Chad took of Slim and his great-grandmother Clash running through the forest.

Here is Slim with Martha.

Slim lived at @OtterRunKennel for a few weeks, playing with his cousins. But Chad noticed that he had more of a long-distance gait, slow and steady. Since Otter Run does mid-distance mushing, and we do more long distance, he came back home to us!

Slim loves Hari, and spent much of his last training session trying to get Hari to love him back.

It’s working.

Then Slim decided that he needed Flame to love him, too. He’s very respectful of his elders.

That’s working, too.

Slim is blowing his coat all at once this week, but he wasn’t interested in being brushed. Nope. Not at all.

He had something else on his mind.


Here is a video that starts with an innocent zoomie and ends with Slim leaping into my back.

That’s when I realized: this boy’s feet are almost never on the ground!

Seriously. He always wants to be in the air.

Even in his puppy photos he is bouncing.

He jumps to visit his frens.

While Slim bounded around, I hung out on the dog house and pet Hari. You can see my very cool tick-proof summer style of tucking my pants into my socks.

Hari hung out in the basement for a while.

After bouncing for a while, and practicing recall, Slim decided to rejoin those of us who live on the ground.

He ate some grass.

Then he rolled in the grass and got a belly rub.

Slim has an SDSI of 10.

My predictions for this boy? I’m going with @OtterRunKennel’s prediction that he’ll be a lead dog, charging ahead on the trail and finding the way for his team. We can’t wait to watch him soar.

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