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Related to the upcoming antitrust investigation of Google, assistant AG's comments today (via  https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/11/makan-delrahim-speech-lays-groundwork-for-antitrust-versus-big-tech.html ) make a few things clear:
- Price is *not* the only way consumers are harmed
- Acquiring purely to maintain a monopoly is anti-competitive

- "Even if a company achieves a monopoly through legitimate means, it cannot take actions that do not advance plausible business goals but make it harder for competition to catch up"
- Diminished quality is a type of harm to competition (he mentions "privacy" specifically)

My personal opinion -- these statements, as quoted, suggest an intelligent, nuanced, and almost certainly damning position if applied fairly to Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. Whether lobbying & politics interferes, however, is harder to say (I'm not optimistic).

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