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Best ways to find cures for various forms of cancer:
1. Incentivize more R&D by US pharmaceutical companies to grow the industry pipeline of cancer-drug candidates.
2. Streamline the clinical-trial landscape.
3. Enable better sharing of available clinical and real-world data.

2. Cancer-drug pipeline investment has been growing substantially. McKinsey estimate >$50 billion is invested in oncology R&D annually. Number of active compounds in oncology R&D has quadrupled since 1996 and nearly doubled since 2008 (makes up 40% of global clinical pipeline).

3. Sifting through massive amounts of clinical research data and making sense of it will be key to finding cures for various cancers. Tools that likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and others have built and open-sourced will be used to unlock important insights, make breakthroughs.

4. Just like Apple was able to produce the iPhone and AT&T wasn’t, cancer breakthroughs can come from unexpected players, including Amazon and Apple.

Google filed a patent application for a wrist-worn device that could destroy cancer cells in the blood. 

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