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.@AOC is 100% right. A congressional pay raise was an important part of the Ethics Reform Act of 1989 precisely because it reduces ethical risk. Here's what one member said about it at the time (with an interesting reference to a contemporary figure): 

People are bashing this, but Members of Congress have to have 2 residences: one in their district and one in DC. It may feel fun to cut Congressional pay, but that's the quickest path to having even LESS diversity in Congress.. It won't hurt Mitt, but it'll hurt members like AOC.

Which Congress is more likely to give you universal cost of living increases?
1. A Congress whose members are rich and don't need cost of living increases
2. A Congress whose members are working stiffs who depend on cost of living increases (which all other federal employees get)

There are almost 4 million people in the civilian & uniformed federal workforce. They all get cost of living increases except members of Congress (and the two elected officials in the exec branch), but only members of Congress have to pay for 2 households + travel between them.

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