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Hong Kong police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who massed outside government headquarters in opposition to a proposed extradition bill that's become a lightning rod for concerns over greater Chinese control and erosion of civil liberties  http://ow.ly/Mff330oVBkd 

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The violence marked a major escalation in Hong Kong's biggest political crisis in years.

It came after protesters forced the delay of legislative debate on the bill, which would allow criminal suspects in Hong Kong to be sent for trial in mainland China.  https://lat.ms/2KSiTnR 

View images from the clashes in Hong Kong:  https://www.latimes.com/la-fg-hong-kong-protests-photos-20190612-photogallery.html 

.@aliceysu with a dispatch from the streets of Hong Kong:  https://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-hong-kong-china-extradition-protests-20190612-story.html 

Take a look inside the protests against a proposed extradition bill in Hong Kong. Hong Kong police fired tear gas on crowds protesting outside government headquarters.  http://ow.ly/Mff330oVBkd 

By sunset, Hong Kong riot police had forcefully cleared the entire legislative complex, pushing protesters to a new front line in Hong Kong’s central business district.

At least 22 protesters were hospitalized, according to local media.  https://lat.ms/2X9mioD 

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