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Trump is using the advantage of incumbency, a huge pile of campaign cash and a clear path to his party’s nomination to build a digital operation unmatched by anything Democrats have.  https://lat.ms/2X0ZDuI 

By the time Democrats pick a nominee from a pool of more than 20, some of the party’s top digital strategists warn that Trump will already have built a self-feeding machine that grows smarter by the day.  https://lat.ms/2X0ZDuI 

In battleground states, the Trump campaign has already vastly outspent top Democrats this year on Facebook, where relatively small advertising buys can reach large swaths of voters, donors and activists.  https://lat.ms/2X0ZDuI 

Most of Trump’s ads focus on promoting his personality or immigration policies. Others lambaste “fake news.” Some cite Trump’s efforts at nuclear negotiations with North Korea and the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.  https://lat.ms/2X1sfUH 

So far this year, the Trump campaign has spent more than any other political group or candidate on digital ads: a hefty $15.5 million.

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