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(Thread) Destruction is the Point

@john_sipher chillingly explains the long-term damage that Trump is doing to American intelligence agencies.

This isn’t just happy coincidence for the Kremlin.
That was the point all along.

1/ Trump campaigned on a promise to destroy the "deep state" and federal regulatory agencies.

(Deep state = Intelligence and regulatory agencies.)

The point of Trump’s presidency is to destroy.

2/ Trump—a political reactionary—wants to take America backwards. His target date seems to be before the 1920s, before there were regulatory agencies, when wealthy white men could do as they pleased.

What do I mean? See ⤵️

3/ Make America Great literally means “take us back to a bygone era.”

Other reactionaries want to go back farther. The “10th amendment purists,” for example, want to return to about 1789, when there were even fewer restrictions on what white men could do.

4/ To go backwards, you dismantle the FBI, the SEC—all the regulatory agencies.

They don’t say, “we want to go back to a time when white men grab and take,” they say, “all that government gets in the way of individual liberty, so we want to get rid of it."

5/ There are a lot of laws on the books now that were not there in the 1920s.

Before the New Deal and Civil Rights legislation, there was no minimum wage, no 40 hour workweek. Police could beat a confession out of a defendant. Racial segregation was legal.

6/ Getting back to a bygone era when white men could do as they pleased means dismantling lots of laws and agencies.

Trump has been open about this, as when he said "all our laws are stupid and corrupt."  https://expo.mlive.com/erry-2018/04/bab779dc196618/ten_highlights_from_donald_tru.html 

He want to get rid of those pesky laws!

7/ Russia has been beckoning to America’s far right for decades, presenting Russia as the savior of white Christianity and the white race.

See, for example:

Of course, Russia also wants to destroy American intelligence agencies.

8/ There we have yet another point of agreement between America’s far right wing and Russia. Both want to dismantle the federal bureaucracy.

Russia and the American right wing are natural allies! This is why the Fox-GOP is OK with Trump welcoming campaign help from the Russians.

9/ People underestimate Trump because they think a long game requires strategic planning and thinking.

But if the long game is to destroy, you don’t have to be a strategic thinker.

You just have to be a human wrecking ball.

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