MIT Technology Review @techreview A media company making technology a greater force for good. Get our journalism: Jun. 12, 2019 1 min read

Why virtual reality is a safe place to learn. We’re talking about this with Derek Belch of @STRIVRlabs at #EmTechNEXT. 

and the @NFL aren’t the only ones using VR or AR for employee training.

There’s NASA. 

And this public-speaking program. (via @NewYorker) 

VR is a lot more complicated than hardware and video content, says @STRIVRlabs's Derek Belch.

Spoiler: It's enterprise software. #emtechnext

What VR isn't good for:

"Don't do something in VR that you CAN DO in the real world," says @STRIVRlabs's Belch. #emtechnext

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