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Yaaaaay, seems like folks are looking through old tweets and spamming false reports to try and get me suspended. I'm sure @Twitter @TwitterSafety will be absolutely silent about how their report system is being so blatantly weaponised against LGBT folks.

For context, the "self-harm" I allegedly promoted was saying something along the lines of "p****ing yourself in the face would be more productive" in reply to someone else.


Me, searching through me tweets, deleting any reference to a certain anime in case *THAT* gets me mass reported, because twitter is the god damn hellsite.

I'm literally scrubbing my account of mention of One ***** Man, and the game One Finger Death ***** right now, because both times my account got locked it was the word ***** that was seemingly flagged.

Deleting this masterpiece of a tweet, just in case. 😬

Whelp, just scrubbed a whole load of tweets from my history.

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