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North Carolina! Pls attend the @NCBOE meeting tomorrow to oppose certification of ES&S’s ExpressVote system. This is the system that Georgia plans to buy despite opposition from voting rights groups & security experts. It uses barcodes, which humans can’t read, to count votes. 1/

The human readable text beneath the barcodes is in an abbreviated format. Per the National Academies of Sciences Engineering & Medicine, unless voters take notes while voting, this form of text is “virtually unusable for verifying voter intent.”  2/

This means that, if the text on the machine-marked paper ballot includes fraudulent or erroneous choices, voters are unlikely to detect it! 3/

This is NOT an issue with #HandMarkedPaperBallots which do NOT force voters to carry the burden of detecting electronic fraud or electronic error on the face of the paper ballot. 4/

It is ludicrous to have most voters use machine-marked paper ballots from HACKABLE machines when the whole point of using paper ballots in the first place is to detect...HACKING! 5/

Nor is the ExpressVote a reasonable accommodation for voters w/ disabilities who also deserve to vote as securely as possible. 6/

Counting votes with barcodes is unnecessary and serves no purpose other than to introduce another non-transparent potential attack vector for hackers. 7/

North Carolina must give voters w/ disabilities the option to use well-maintained ballot marking devices without barcodes and with a full face paper ballot, useless abbreviated text. 8/

Tell @NCBOE to vote NO on the ExpressVote. Tell them to vote:

*YES on #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary voting system, &

*YES to BMDs that DON’T count votes w/ barcodes (& that provide a full face paper ballot, not a useless abbreviated one) for voters w/ disabilities. 9/

Meeting logistics: 10/

Twitter handle for North Carolina Board if Elections is @NCSBE, not what I had above, which is a rapper! 11/

BTW, a recent study in Tennessee also shows that most voters are unlikely to review machine-marked paper ballots even when instructed to do so and most wont notice inaccuracies even if they undertake such review. 12/

Here’s a link to that study.  13/

Although the study is not peer reviewed, there are no studies that conflict w/ it and it harmonizes with similar findings re: machine-marked “Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails.” I discuss those findings in here.  14/

And here are ten disturbing facts you should know about the vendor, ES&S.  15/

Please distribute copies of this white paper to @NCSBE: “BMDs cannot assure the will of the voters.” 

It was written by 3 highly respected election-security experts: @rad_atl, @philipbstark, Prof. Andrew Appel.

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