Matthew Ball @ballmatthew Venture investor, strategist, essayist, that guy on Twitter. Prev. Head of Strategy @AmazonStudios, ex-Otter Media, @MediaREDEF. 🇨🇦 Jun. 12, 2019 1 min read

1/ Been asked a lot why I think Quibi is “unfairly maligned”. Answer is simple and doesn’t have anything to do with whether I'm personally a bull or skeptic.

2/ Quibi criticisms are all based on its 1.0 iteration. A 1.0 understood only based on scarce public statements. Made 1-2 years before launch. About a content service no one has seen the content for. And one we know is also leaning into new, product-based experiences

3/ This doesn't mean Quibi solves consumer wants, will execute, or will be popular.

Skepticism is fair. SVOD is hard. Expensive. Saturated. The default odds are terrible.

But good heavens is everyone delighted to dump on Quibi based on very little info.

4/ What we know: Quibi has best-in-class hires and content partners, is going harder at the opportunity than everyone who failed before (e.g. Go90) and even new big media SVOD services, is trying to win through a new idea not an also-ran one, and has the time+capital to pivot

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