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There are enterprises leveraging machine intelligence. Here’s what you can learn from their experience in the field. Follow this thread for more from #EmTechNEXT.

You could learn a thing or two from the construction industry. 

And agriculture (or robots that farm). 

And, last but not least, manufacturing. 

asked itself if it could use an algorithm to predict when a safety incident would happen on a construction site. The answer was yes. #emtechnext

Now it’s trying to usher in change within the rest of the construction industry. That's surprised their competitors, who aren't used to sharing data. #emtechnext

Why agriculture needs robotics and artificial intelligence, according @IronOxFarms CEO Brandon Alexander. #emtechnext

But there will be other technology that will be important to feeding a growing world, says Alexander.

Enter hydroponics. #emtechnext

"It’s not about making manufacturing sexy. It’s about making it work" - @tulipinterfaces CEO Natan Linder

Here's what @tulipinterfaces is doing to that end. #emtechnext

Is the future of manufacturing augmented workers? #emtechnext

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