Jamil Smith @JamilSmith Senior Writer, @RollingStone. Jun. 12, 2019 1 min read

This @AaronBlake report on the Census scandal currently enveloping the Trump administration does well to explain just how serious all of this is. One question about citizenship could help calcify white minority rule in America. Attention must be paid.  https://wapo.st/2Keh1Gr 

This was @AOC today critiquing the attempts to use the Census to secure white political advantage. Her key observation: new questions typically require five years of testing before implementation. Trump and @SecretaryRoss just wanted to slap this on there.

The House Oversight Committee voted today to hold Wilbur Ross and William Barr in contempt of Congress for withholding key documents about why the Trump administration added a racist citizenship question to the Census. You should read @AriBerman’s report.  http://bit.ly/2IQg7wL 

I wrote recently about the discovery that the Trump administration’s citizenship question was an effort to use the Census to help white people become even more politically powerful, and why racism in public policy should be recognized as American sabotage.  https://rol.st/2MwRc66 

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