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Do you see a pattern?!

South Carolina’s top election official sat on voting machine vendor ES&S’s secret advisory board & received trips, lodging, & dining worth $20k from ES&S. The entire state just signed a $51 M contract for ES&S’s ExpressVote barcode system.

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Source re: SC election official’s receipt of $20k in gifts from ES&S.  2/

Source re: SC’s new $51 Million contract w/ ES&S.  3/

In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp’s chief of staff sat on ES&S’s secret gift-giving advisory board, & his current chief of staff was an ES&S lobbyist. GA is expected to choose ES&S’s ExpressVote barcode voting system for the entire state.  4/

Another source about Georgia.  5/

Screenshot about Georgia & ES&S from the New Republic Article:  6/

New York City’s top election official also sat on ES&S’s secret gift-giving advisory board and is pushing the City to buy ES&S’s ExpressVote XL barcode hybrid system for early voting. 7/ 

ES&S has also donated $30K to the Republican State Leadership Committee—which houses the Republican Secretary of State’s Association—since 2013.  8/

In 2018/2019, ES&S paid lobbyists $150k to lobby Congress, & McConnell has announced he will block all election security legislation this session. One of the bills, the #PAVEAct wld have banned barcode & hybrid voting systems, which are ES&S cash cows.  8/

As if the apparent corruption weren’t bad enough, ES&S’s ExpressVote & ExpressVote XL systems are ballot marking devices, which generate machine-marked summary cards that experts say cannot assure the will of the voters. 9/ 

Because there’s no universal definition of “paper ballot,” ES&S and other vendors and their surrogates misleadingly call these barcoded summary cards “paper ballots.”

Paper ballots, however, are safe only if marked by hand, not by a hackable machine. 9/ 

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More about ES&S:  11/

12/ And more. Via @bernstein_lynn





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18/ Here’s one of my articles about the dangerously popular ES&S ExpressVote “Universal use” Ballot Marking Device. 

And here’s one of my articles about the dangerously popular ES&S ExpressVote XL Ballot Marking Device “hybrid” voting system. via @whowhatwhy  19/



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