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The last two days we’ve talked about the present and near future. Now we’re talking about what work could look like in the coming decades with @TomKochan, Stefanie Tellex of @BrownCSDept, and Lihua Zhao of @hplabs. #EmTechNEXT 

I think there is a disconnect between roboticists and workers on the factory floor, says Tellex #emtechnext

We haven’t learned the lessons of history as it relates to the automation of the workforce, says @TomKochan.

It’s the integration of the workforce combined with technology and automation that gives you the highest quality. #emtechnext

What we’ll be talking about next year at #emtechnext, as answered by the three panelists:

1. Scalability
2. How technology can help the larger issues that face our society
3. A more substantive discussion on the applicability of these techs

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