Clint Watts @selectedwisdom Author: Messing With The Enemy Current: @MSNBC @FPRI @SecureDemocracy Jun. 12, 2019 1 min read

Well - there you have it. Free-for-all In 2020. Criminals, foreign countries, anyone can do whatever they want to help their preferred candidates and candidates (according to the President) are free and clean of all liability. Russia gets an open door from President Trump.

Based on President Trump’s logic, from a foreign adversaries perspective, adversaries and allies should go all out immediately to acquire compromising information on Candidates they don’t like. Candidates would also be at a disadvantage not to take foreign help.

Really wondering if President Trump didn’t realize that he is enticing every foreign country that has received Trump’s ire to dump all negative information on President Trump out into the open and give intel via backchannels to Dem candidates

Based on Trump’s interview today, I return to this question on collusion.

And then the consequences of this.

Here’s the summary: 

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