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Tiny plastic particles have been found in the deep ocean — and animals are eating them.

At depths of 200 to 600 meters, the concentration of plastic particles was found to be roughly 4 times what it was near the surface.  https://nbcnews.to/2Zs7Gyh  (1/5)

Scientists using remotely operated underwater robots in the waters off California’s central coast found that plastic debris has infiltrated the deep ocean, with particles extending from the surface to the seafloor. (2/5)

An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, but a new study could account for the discrepancy between the total amount of plastic produced and the amount seen in the environment, says Anela Choy, lead author of the study. (3/5)

The scientists found evidence of microplastics throughout the water column, with the highest concentration of the particles seen at depths between 200 to 600 meters. (4/5)

Plastic particles were also found in marine animals that live at these depths, such as crabs, providing further evidence in the study that plastic is getting into marine food webs.

Scientists don’t yet know what this means for humans who eat the seafood. (5/5) #NBCNewsThreads

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