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In California, the Democratic presidential race is wide open, with no clear front-runner, a new @BerkeleyIGS Poll for @LATimesPolitics finds.  https://lat.ms/2X8XPji 

Kamala Harris needs strong support in her home state’s primary if she is to have a shot at the party’s presidential nomination.

The poll finds her trailing in fourth place.  https://lat.ms/2WG8HF0 

Although Joe Biden leads the race, he’s far from a commanding front-runner in the state that will send the largest group of delegates to next year’s Democratic nominating convention.  https://lat.ms/2WzrlP0 

And for Elizabeth Warren, the poll reinforces national surveys that have shown her gaining ground in recent weeks and comes amid strong signs of grass-roots support in the state.  https://lat.ms/2X78rPz 

Read how the @BerkeleyIGS poll was conducted here:  https://lat.ms/2XcGypn 

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