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This guy is a real piece of work. He's a founder and still comes on Twitter to suck up to VCs who make moronic statements. Gates and Jobs were amazing my family worked closely will Bill on Comdex etc. So funny to see these otherwise successful people embarrass themselves here.

Imagine cofounding a billion $ co & you think because someone disagreed with your other billionaire friend they hate all innovation and progress (I've been MSFT bull since the 90s!). Or that any of us care in slightest about Twitter followers. These people are on another planet.

Btw while we're talking about @ajeets - let me tell you about that guy's co @nutanix. My wife worked there briefly. Company culture was toxic & harmful. She experienced ongoing harassment/abuse by male superiors. Eventually she left disgusted. Of course he's friends with Vinod.

This was typical there for years. Was basically a frat house vibe with rampant disrespect for women. There are many stories from former employees. If you're going to defend assholes don't do it from a glass house. 

Again going to say this bc these people don't get it. SV is a small place. We all know who the toxic people/companies are. We're all connected here and whatever was hidden before is now coming out in the open. Please provoke me further I love excuses to share their dirty laundry.

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