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Those last two tweets might sound hyperbolic, but conspiracism spreads fast - several of the people Banos is retweeting in support of him are antisemites and Holocaust deniers, and it's precisely because he claims that the Rothschilds are secretively ruling the world.

Think of how fond antisemites are of popping up and saying 'criticising Israel isn't antisemitism' - but if you criticise antisemitism with no reference to Israel will immediately claim you are a 'Zionist'.

Claiming that the Rothschilds are secretive rulers of the world might seem simply mistaken, but you find very quickly this is favoured by hardcore antisemites. They commonly use 'Rothschild agent' as a very loose code for Jews.

Banos is smart enough to raise the idea of the Rothschilds running things, or Soros manipulating the world, without saying Jews... but he is in this same sewer. Earlier today he retweeted a link to this article defending him 

A glance at the advert for a book on How To Survive the New World Order on the right of the article might have made most people pause for a moment, but he didn't. He's steeped in this stuff. The website is hugely antisemitic.

Here's an article from the site last year calling the Holocaust 'fake news': 

But you don't even need to look that far - the headline of the article defending him is already enough of a clue, calling Banos an 'anti-Zionist' and thereby suggesting the 'English campaign' to 'discredit' him is steered by Zionists. Except... nobody's mentioned Zionism here.

Least of all me. This is the 'criticising Israel isn't antisemitism' reflex taken to an extreme, because of course what is actually happening is 'criticising antisemitism means I'll suggest Israel is behind the smear'. It is itself antisemitic.

This is the kind of thing you enable when you publish someone who believes in crackpot conspiracy theories, including a series of antisemitic ones. Airbrushing away some of it doesn't make it any better - Banos is now published by Penguin, giving him much more legitimacy.

I'm sorry I'm not tweeting about much else, but I think this website, awful as it is, and these threads, long as they are, might be the best if still incredibly slim shot of someone actually tackling this properly.

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