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Won’t be long before Uber and Lyft figure out how to crack down such gaming. On Lyft alone, drivers have earned more than $14 billion since the service launched. Over 75% drive less than 10 hours a week to supplement existing jobs. On average, Lyft drivers earn >$20/hour.

2. One reason some drivers try to game the system - many don’t know Uber and Lyft lose money on every ride they provide (both companies have lost billions) - between that and negative media coverage of such services, so many drivers wrongly believe that they are being exploited.

3. Much of the revenue Uber and Lyft make is being put into growing their network of drivers and into future technologies. Eventually many drivers can be replaced with automation/autonomous vehicles that will increase profits while lowering cost and increasing safety of rides.

4. With autonomous vehicles, drivers won’t be needed (driving for Uber/Lyft is often stressful and unhealthy/dangerous for many drivers - sitting for long periods of time isn’t great) so one day hopefully we wouldn’t need to do this to humans and robots can take over such tasks.

5. With zero-emissions autonomous vehicles, the cost of a Uber/Lyft ride can be reduced by 75% - we’re 2-3 years away from this. In the meantime, drivers for whom driving is the primary source of income should take advantage of Uber’s free college tuition benefits and upskill.

6. Robots don’t get sick or need downtime - zero-emissions, networked, autonomous vehicles will also reduce traffic congestion and accidents - these factors could eventually help Uber and Lyft eliminate “surge pricing” (which largely is a result of human-centric inefficiencies).

7. Drivers attempting to scam riders or Uber/Lyft with such tactics probably don’t realize they’re also scamming other drivers out of tips and rides when they manipulate prices to surge - new drivers lured in by the surge pricing will not get those high rates when prices fall.

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