We've entered a new era in marketing.

The big digital advertising platforms are fairly priced now. Offline channels like television, billboards, and retail stores are growing fast again.

Innovation will shift towards top-of-funnel advertising.

Some data to back this up...

1. Advertising on Facebook has become 70% more expensive between 2017 and 2018, while ad spend on Facebook grew 40% during Q2 2018.


2. Growth in Out-of-Home advertising

3. Attention shifting towards the top of the funnel

4. Quote from the CMO of Shopify

5. Retail and the "Post-Facebook Strategy"

Scattered notes and quotes.

As @mrsharma and I have written:

"The future of holding companies will be built around customer audiences & personas, not industries."


6. Rising Cost-Per-Click on Facebook

“Sizable, loyal audiences will be of the most coveted “products" over the next decade.”


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