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The first Asian American woman saw her play on Broadway last year, #OscarsSoWhite decried the homogeneity of Academy Award nominees and “Hamilton” showed the success of diverse casts. So do we still need culturally specific theaters?  https://lat.ms/2wUw8Mc 

Times are changing, but is it enough? In New York City’s 2016-17 theater season, 87% of shows produced were written by white playwrights and 87% of directors were white.

Funding is difficult to come by for theaters of color. Only 2% of cultural institutions receive close to 60% of contributed revenue, and just 4% of funding is allocated to organizations that strive to serve communities of color.  https://lat.ms/2wUw8Mc 

“We have the opportunity to go deep within multiple layers and not just check off the box that we’ve done a black work,” said Kamilah Forbes, the executive producer of Apollo, a theater catering to black artists.  https://lat.ms/2wUw8Mc 

“In these times when we are being treated like criminals and rapists and narcos, I think it’s so important for us Latinos in theater to tell the story of who we really are with a certain authenticity,” José Luis Valenzuela, the founder of Latino Theater Company, said.

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