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If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a “super router” in technology, investing or self-improvement space, listen to @tferriss exceptional podcast with @jerrycolonna

Here’s the paradox of success: You spend a decade trying to get folks to read, listen or meet with you THEN...

If you break all the odds & are part of the < 1% who succeed at becoming a successful investor, podcaster or author, you find yourself on the receiving end of hundreds of requests & opportunities a day

You try to sort through them, but you realize it’s not possible THEN...

As @Casey, described in his podcast with me, a very small percentage of folks have no boundaries & get upset at you for not putting your kid on the ground to take a selfie with them.

Or they show up at your office because they have ideas they want to pitch you on THEN...

You’re all of sudden unable to respond to even your friends who send you requests to collaborate —which could be amazing opportunities offered with sincere intent—and you have a profound sense of guilt your can’t give your friends the courtesy of a response!

Right about now your younger self wants to punch you in the face and say “hey dumbass, you were broke 10 years ago and now your upset someone offered you $25,000 to speak for an hour and stay in a 5 star hotel?!”

And you’re right, it’s an insane privilege!

If you’re an introverted person (@naval or @tferriss), can you imagine what this experience is like? *Exhausting*

If you’re extroverted like @sacca or me? Still exhausting!

Every wonder why successful angel investors quit in ~10 year? it’s physically & emotionally exhausting

Most decisions in investing aren’t that hard to make for angels, the hard part is telling the founders. Imagine having to wake up one day with 100+ founders calling you & having to say “no” to two dozen folks who are desperate to make their dreams reality? It’s hard to say no.

Long way of saying, if you don’t get a response from a #superrouter, even if you’re friends with them, understand that they literally have more emails, txt & requests then they would respond to in 1,000 years

Right now you’re saying “wait, aren’t you going into decade two?” WELL

... I would be lying if I too wasn’t hit with a wave of “oh my lord, I didn’t reply to my friend about project X!”

then I take a breathe and say:

1/ I worked my entire life to get money & power, so I am complicit in creating this situation (h/t @jerrycolonna )

2/I’m doing my best to create leverage with media, money, software & my network (H/T @naval on leverage), to help as many founders as I can (i.e. the podcast,  http://thesyndicate.com , events).... so, I’m helping millions of people, that’s more than enough!

3/I was invisible, poor and powerless for the first 1/3trd of my life, worked hard for the next 1/3rd to reverse that condition, so I should really enjoy this last 1/3rd (or more) of deploying my resources to help other people succeed and realize their dreams!

:the end:

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