Jennifer Gunter @DrJenGunter The Gray Lady’s gynecologist (@NYTStyles), sexpert, appropriately confident, lasso of truth, I speak for no one but me. The Vagina Bible (8/27), Jensplaining. Jun. 14, 2019 1 min read

Menstruation is related to GnRH, FSH, LH, estradiol and then ultimately withdrawl of progesterone. Blood comes out the cervix because that is the uterine opening. Yoga does not impact this.

I don’t care if you think Yoga is a religion or a practice or an exercise, it doesn’t affect menstruation.
No religions do.
Menstruation is triggered by the lack of implantation and it is heavy because we have invasive placentas.

Thank you for coming to my JenTalk.

I see how before science used religion or spirituality was used to explain menses, but we have science so now we know!
Personally, I find the idea of imposing mythology as explanation for menses the ultimate in patriarchy. Women do not benefit by knowing less about their bodies.

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