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stefania maurizi
+ Your AuthorsArchive @SMaurizi Journalist working for La Repubblica(ex Espresso):has worked on all WikiLeaks releases+Snowden files. Secure Jun. 14, 2019 1 min read

1. today it will be Julian #Assange vs USA, but essentially it will be Julian #Assange vs @cpsuk: it's the #CrownProsecutionService which is in charge of the extradition process

2. there are important things you need to know to assess where @cpsuk stands when it comes to Julian #Assange

3. as an investigative journo, I've spent the last 4 years in a litigation against @cpsuk to defend the right of the press to access the full docs on Julian #Assange using #FOIA to reconstruct his case FACTUALLY

4. what does my #FOIA litigation against @cpsuk reveals? It reveals that it was the @cpsuk that advised the Swedish prosecutors against questioning #Assange in London,thus contributing to create the legal-diplomatic quagmire which has kept #Assange #arbitrarilydetained for 9YEARS

5. it was the @cpsuk that was against the possibility of withdrawing the #EuropeanArrestWarrant against Julian #Assange in 2013: the Swedish prosecutors considered to do so in 2013, the @cpsuk disagreed, hence #Assange remained arbitrarily detained since April 2019

6. it was the @cpsuk which destroyed crucial correspondence UK-Sweden about the #Assange case, though the case is STILL ongoing, high profile, very controversial. Why did the @cpsuk behave like this in the #Assange case? What interest they have in the case?

7. Why does the @cpsuk keep refusing to release me the correspondence between #CPS and the US authorities from 2010 to 2015? I mean, if the #Assange case has ALWAYS been a rape case, why to refuse correspondence with the US from 2010 to 2015?

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