Amir Salihefendić+ Your Authors @amix3k Remote-first Founder/CEO of @doist, the company behind @todoist and @usetwist. Born in Bosnia 🇧🇦, grew up in Denmark 🇩🇰, 2x dad 😊 Jun. 14, 2019 1 min read + Your Authors

0/ There's a notion that innovation can only happen in offices, and that offices are the epicenter of human innovation. This seems to be a very outdated way of thinking. Some thoughts on this follow.

1/ There aren't many studies made on this, but one recent study finds that intermittent connection between people is the best way to problem solve. The full-on connection (e.g., solving problems close to the watercooler) does not produce the best results. 

2/ Remote work excels at intermittent connections, e.g., think hard, do some deep work, and share and discuss your results with your colleagues to improve your solution further.

3/ Remote work is even becoming better at real-time collaboration. A lot of innovation is happening on all fronts, for example,  for development, Figma for real-time design, or Google Docs for real-time writing.

4/ Fully distributed teams are behind some of the significant coding innovations the last many years, e.g., blockchain tech or the JavaScript toolchain. The whole open-source movement is entirely distributed.

5/ @Dribbble, which is a social network for designers, is built by an entirely remote team. Remote work isn't only powering development innovation, but also design innovation. It will probably power all of the other creative fields. Another great example is @InVisionApp.

6/ Even in non-tech fields, remote collaboration has produced fantastic results. For example, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger don't work from the same office or even the same city, and they have been some of the best investors of all time.

7/ We are only seeing the beginning of the remote curve. In the future, we will laugh at the notion that significant breakthroughs happen while posting one-liners in Slack or hanging around the watercooler in a noisy open plan office.

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