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Happening now at #IRE19:

@NBCNews Investigative & Consumer Correspondent @VickyNguyenTV discusses her investigative reporting and techniques she uses to hold the powerful accountable.

.@VickyNguyenTV discusses her 2017 @NBCBayArea report on Sonoma's wildfire alert system at #IRE19

Learn more:  https://bit.ly/2g9zvXq 

“Women are perceived differently than men. It’s just how it is...you just have to deal with it," @VickyNguyenTV says at #IRE19. "I think about ‘Betty’ at home on the couch. What would ‘Betty’ want to know? ... And as long as I feel like I am doing that, I can sleep well at night”

“That was one of my very first accountability interviews. I was very nervous.”

@VickyNguyenTV reviews her 2013 report on San Mateo County Transit District financials.  https://bit.ly/2Zm84hJ  #IRE19

The investigative work that is done by local journalists on the daily is really what moves the molehills and the mountains in communities.

@VickyNguyenTV at #IRE19

We're at #IRE19 to discuss @NBCNews’ investigative coverage of health, immigration, housing, and more.

@NBCNews@VickyNguyenTV, @lehrennbc, @EmilyRSiegel, @SuzyKhimm, and @Tom_Winter appear on panels throughout the weekend.

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