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Google's updated mobile homepage says so much about how the search giant works and their future plans.
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1) Google isn't searching "the web," anymore, it's searching "all" (meaning all of Google's resources+answers)
2) The only other search option is the world's second most popular search engine, Google Images (see chart)
3) Voice assistant, your data, & profile are secondary nav

4) Instant links to weather, sports, entertainment, and restaurants suggests a more portal-like strategy than Google's pursued in a long time
5) The results for "Sports" speak loudest, IMO -- Google wants you not to "search," but to "follow" teams, leagues, etc.

Just as we saw with Google+ years ago, I think there's a large-scale, but (this time) iterative effort to shift from pure search to no-search-reqd, passive-engagement content. With Discover, recommendations, Maps, & now this homepage, that strategy is becoming clear. /fin

How can I resist adding Barry's wise commentary to this thread? (FWIW, I feel the same)

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