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A bit mind-blowing: the evidence suggests Trump's supposed enemy Mueller originally planned to arrest George Papadopoulos as an *Israeli* agent in July '17 because he believed that, starting in mid-2015, Papadopoulos was trying to infiltrate the Trump campaign—for the *Israelis*.

1/ If Barr's investigation is fair, it will uncover that many FBI actions in 2015, 2016, and 2017 were taken to try to *protect* Trump's campaign from foreign interference at a time when the FBI had no idea—and perhaps not even an opinion—on whether Trump knew what was happening.

2/ In mid-2015, Papadopoulos meets and befriends one of Benjamnin Netanyahu's top aides, Eli Groner, at a time Netanyahu has already decided that Trump must be America's next president. Papadopoulos *immediately applies for a job with the Trump campaign*. Coincidence? Likely not.

3/ Reports have revealed that when Mueller arrested Papadopoulos in 2017, he believed he had enough evidence from *before Papadopoulos joined the Trump campaign in March '16* to arrest him as an Israeli agent. That suggests a relation to his ties to Groner and mid-2015 job query.

4/ One of Kushner's illicit advisers during the campaign was the Israeli ambassador to the U.S.—and that course of advising began right around when Papadopoulos was mysteriously hired. Is it possible Kushner friend Netanyahu wanted Papadopoulos on the campaign and Kushner agreed?

5/ In many respects, Israel was the linchpin of the "grand bargain"—as one major enticement for the Trump campaign to agree to the bargain with Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE was not just pre-election aid but the idea that the bargain would ultimately benefit Israel enormously.

6/ Immediately after Papadopoulos informs Trump that he's acting as a Kremlin intermediary (March 31, 2016) the campaign sends him to... Israel. Where he meets with... Groner. Within 3 weeks, his Kremlin contact (Mifsud) tells him that the Kremlin has thousands of Clinton emails.

7/ Recently Netanyahu announced that he (successfully) proposed to Putin and Trump a trilateral conference in which Israel, Russia, and the U.S. discuss how to move forward in the Middle East. New idea—but there are many signs Israel wanted a U.S.-Russia detente in 2015 and 2016.

8/ Now Schiff is wondering why the FBI doesn't want to discuss its counterintelligence investigation, and the CIA is reported to be nervous about Barr's inquiry. The evidence suggests that's because of the problematic involvement of a key US ally—Israel—in the 2016 election. /end

PS/ Remember that when I discuss Israel here, it has *nothing* to do with the Israeli people—rather, only and exclusively with Netanyahu, who's a criminal, and those most directly in his employ. Netanyahu is an international villain and we *will* learn that he interfered in 2016.

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