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Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) has signed a sweeping bill #AB345 to expand voting access. The bill enables same-day voter registration, implements a voter-approved automatic registration law, & expands both early & absentee voting 

Although Sisolak vetoed a bill to join the National Popular Vote Compact, Nevada Democrats have made extraordinary progress on protecting & expanding the right to vote after finally winning full control of state govt in 2018

Since winning control of state govt in 2018, Nevada Dems have:
✅Passed automatic & same-day voter registration
✅Expanded early & absentee voting
✅Restored voting rights to those no longer incarcerated
✅Ended prison gerrymandering
✅Consolidated local elections with state ones

Nevada's Democratic-majority legislature also put a state constitutional amendment on the 2020 ballot to further enshrine constitutional protections for voting rights 

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