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“There are layers of reasons why this is a bad project, but worst of all is it really gives a false promise of hope."

Mississippi residents flooded out for months say the EPA could save them but won't.

@PhilMcCausland reports:  https://nbcnews.to/2ZukF2t  (1/6)

Record rainfall has led to the persistent flooding this year. That’s caused the Mississippi River at nearby Vicksburg to remain above flood stage for more than 114 consecutive days. That’s the longest span since 1927. (2/6)

Residents are calling for a revival of a project known as the Yazoo Pumps, a potential drain for the levee system that protects the Delta — once called “one of the worst projects ever conceived by Congress” by the late Sen. McCain, and decried by environmental advocates. (3/6)

Environmental advocates and longtime civil servants who have worked on the project, however, argue that the pumps come at a high cost, potentially draining tens of thousands of vital wetland acres that supports one of the most unique wildlife habitats in the country. (4/6)

The EPA, under the Bush administration, vetoed the pumps in 2008.

It was only the 12th time in history that a project was vetoed under the Clean Water Act, and a federal court upheld the EPA’s right to veto the project when the Mississippi Levee Board sued in 2011. (5/6)

Some believe the pump project could now find new life, despite unparalleled hurdles, thanks to renewed interest from the Trump admin., which announced the EPA would review the project after prodding from Mississippi’s congressional delegation. (6/6) #NBCNewsThreads

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