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Flew into a summit on reducing CO2 on a jet that spewed CO2…👇 I get such meetings are necessary but why not hold these via videoconferencing and prove that major breakthroughs can happen without jetting across the world 🌍 spewing more CO2???

2. We now have incredible videoconferencing technology (best is produced by @Cisco) and you can seamlessly chat with people all over the world with crystal clear sound + video - so why on earth are people still flying around to “climate change summits”?

3. In Sweden, some people are ditching flying (causing a slump in airline travel): “Flygskam”, or flight shame (embarrassed to fly because of its environmental impact), has become a social media trending hashtag #jagstannarpåmarken (#stayontheground). 

4. Echoing schoolgirl climate activist Greta Thunberg’s refusal to fly because of harm to the environment, a survey published last week by Swedish Railways found 37% of respondents chose to travel by rail instead of air, compared with 20% in early 2018.

5. Sidenote: I have ditched flying as well - my last flight was in 2017. Have been advocating use of videoconferencing instead of flying or traveling - the tech is really good now and can replace the need for many in-person meetings.

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