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1/ People keep asking me about the June 13 thread by @ECMcLaughlin

I worked all week for @RAICESTEXAS. Nobody I worked with at Raices heard of anything out of the ordinary all week.

I did challenge the accuracy of one of @ECMcLaughlin legal claims . . .

2/ . . . and she blocked me.

It is, of course, entirely possible that something new and shocking and horrifying was happening in Texas, and the staff I worked with at Raices didn't know about it.

I'd like to tell you all a fact that you might not know, and won't like.

3/ The policy of detaining in prisons asylum seekers started under Obama.

The clip below is from the Raices training manual I studied to prepare for my work this past week. I grabbed it to verify what I'm telling you.

There is no doubt that the Trump administration . . .

4/ . . .took steps that are cruel, including the inhumane policy of separating families.

I tell you about Obama because we need to keep all facts in mind, not just the ones that confirm our own biases and beliefs.

Now, I'm going to speak as a criminal defense appellate lawyer:

5/ Any time you entrust mere mortals with the task of being prison wardens, bad things are going to happen. Bad things happen in prisons, and always have.

This is why families should not be detained in prisons, or people imprisoned without due process.

One warning:

6/ Good investigative reporting is essential to independently verify facts and photographs.

A cynical warning: Certain kinds of tweets will get lots of "likes" and retweets, and there's a natural tendency to want to be popular on Twitter.

Each time I met with a new client. . .

7/ . . in the detention center, I asked if they had any complaints about how they had been treated since entering the U.S.

I took a few minutes to reassure them that they would not be harmed if they told the truth about how they were treated by U.S. officials.

8/ Last time I was in Texas, I heard numerous complaints. A general complaint is that one of the facilities in which they are detained is too cold.

This time, only one person had a complaint: She has an illness that makes it hard for her to sleep on hard surfaces.

8/ She told this to the guards, and nonetheless, ended up sleeping on a floor. All I know is that at some point she she needed a bed, but wasn't given one.

Last time I was here, I heard far more complaints.


I just realized I have sloppy phrasing in Tweet 1.

It's possible that someone at Raices knows about this, of course.

But nobody I worked with mentioned anything. It felt like a usual work week.

Adding: I have no doubt that these things happen.

That is the reason so many of us volunteer to help at our own expense.

It is also obvious that things have gotten noticeably worse since Trump took office.

There was one tweet in her thread I took issue with for other reasons.

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